From 2nd September 2019, our fees are;

Pre-school Children

£5.25 per hour for two-year old children

£4.30 per hour for three and four year old children

Primary School Children

£7.00 Early Breakfast Club 7:30 – 9am

£5.00 Breakfast Club 8:00 – 9am

To reserve a space, we ask for a deposit of £50. This will then be taken off your first invoice.


Marshfield Primary School provide us with fresh, cooked lunches each day if required at a charge of £3.00.  Alternatively, you can provide a packed lunch for your child.

Breakfast: £1.50.

A charge of £2 will be added to all 4pm – 6pm sessions to cover the cost of tea.

Fresh, healthy snacks are provided morning and afternoon. There are no snack fees.

Free Entitlement

The government funded three year old Free Entitlement (NEF) can be used at Marshfield Pre-School.

All children are eligible for the grant from the term following their third birthday up until they go to primary school.  Free Entitlement allows each child up to 15 hours per week of free nursery education per year, which can be used throughout the year (for a maximum of 38 weeks).

If you are entitled to the additional 15 hours making it up to 30 hours of free funding you will need to provide your 11 digit code, your NI number and your childs date of birth.

Please ask us for further information about how to claim and use your free entitlement.