Marshfield Pre-School is a charity run pre-school which has been serving the local community for 50 years. We are proud to offer your child the best pre-school experience – a place where they will be valued and challenged, make lasting friendships , where they can play, create, laugh and learn together with others.

Our vision is that at Marshfield Pre-school we believe:

Every child is unique. We value every child as an individual and take time to reflect on each child’s needs and interests to create an environment in which every child can thrive.

Every child is born a competent learner. We provide opportunities for each child to explore and be challenged so that they can achieve their potential. We create an atmosphere in which every child feels secure, confident and happy.

That a child’s parent is his or her first and primary educator. We work in close partnership with parents to support each child’s learning journey.

That our staff are our most valuable resource. Each staff member is valued for what they bring to the Pre-School and time and resources are made available to support each staff member’s professional development.

In celebrating differences. We are proud to offer a safe, exciting and challenging environment to all children whatever their family background, ability, gender, race and religion.