Marshfield Pre-school strapline
* Ofsted Inspector feedback, October 2012

Holiday Club

Click here for our Summer ’19 Holiday Club Booking Form

For further information regarding the activities at our holiday club please click here Summer Holiday Club 2019 Activity Programme

Child Registration Form

Please ensure a Registration form is completed with your Holiday Club Request Form.

Deadline date for booking is Friday 12th July.
Availability at holiday club is sometimes a tricky thing to manage, whilst as always we try our very hardest to be as flexible as possible there has to be a point where staff rotas are set, therefore a deadline for bookings is essential.  We are aware that plans are not always easy to make ahead of time but we try to publish our activity program and holiday forms in good time to allow everyone to consider their plans and book early to avoid disappointment.

Holiday Club Fees


The hourly fees are as follows:

Children 2 years of age £3.99 per hour
Children 3 & 4 years of age £3.66 per hour
5 year olds and over £3.22 per hour

Breakfast £1.50
Lunch £2.70
Tea – Pre-School children £1.75
Tea – School children £2.00

Our Sessions

Early Breakfast Session 7.30am – 8am

Breakfast Session 8am – 9am

Morning Session  9am – 12pm

Lunch Session  12pm– 1pm

Afternoon Session 1pm – 4pm

Tea Session 4pm – 6pm

A child’s day could be one or a number of these sessions combined, only complete sessions can be booked.